Bears in the Keys V

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 What is this  Bears in The Keys event?  A little different from other bear weekends, it is not put on by a bear club, although various clubs and organizations support this event.  99 BK A13.jpg (113278 bytes) Personally hosted by two gregarious southern bears, Frank & Tonnie,  Bears in The Keys  is their fifth annual excuse for throwing a fun weekend party in Key West, Florida.   For all their well-organized effort, there must be some personal reward for them, and if it is the satisfaction in seeing a group of 100+ bears have a great time in the August sun and tropical waters on a tiny little Caribbean key island, then they have a lot to be happy about.

The southernmost key south of Florida proper, Key West is also the southern most land of the continental United States, and of course, this is a key point in its tourist brochures!   And Key West is quite the playground.  Besides the great little resort of Atlantic Shores (with pool and pier overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and a most accommodating staff),  there is a broad historical and shopping area.  I visited Hemingway's southern home, Mel Fisher's galleon gold museum, took my first reef snorkeling dive and mopeded about the 9 square mile island with a small group of Bears.   For a more narrative travelogue check out Resources for Bears.

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Bears in the Keys V

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