Bears in the Keys V

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As the weekend winds down, we soak in the last rays of sun and begin saying our goodbyes.  Awards are given (hey, Tim and I  received a plaque for flying the farthest to join in the festivities -- 3,800 miles from SF to Key West), smooches are  smacked and ........

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We got to vote for our bear favorites: (l - r) Cub Mark, Daddy Vern and Griz Bob.

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Weather delays kept us long in Key West Airport (only the harbinger of the nastiness awaiting in Miami), but gee, Kelvin here made the wait so much more worthwhile   ;>)

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And so as the bumpy noisy little Eagle plane takes us off into the stormy sunset, we leave the muggy tropics behind, contemplating the cool and breezy gray of San Francisco that will greet us (OK, me), and reflect upon a weekend well spent in the company of great bear men on a tiny island far out in a southern sea.....................(or something like that).

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Thanks again to Frank & Tonnie.  See y'all next year!

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Bears in the Keys V

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