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TODAY:  I have my beloved cat, my computers and cameras, the quiet and beauty of the redwoods and the comfort of a modest home.  I enjoy hosting friends here and visiting friends in San Francisco now south of me.  It's a new home for me and a new lifestyle.  I am hoping to make tangible progress on my photo book idea up here.  And, of course, I will continue to document events as I can.

Going through photos and planning these personal pages was cause for considerable reflection upon facets of my life and what I am willing to share.  Once again, I find a fair amount of this story will be told in images with only a little narrative.


So what is there to know about me?  I am a proud native of Northern California five generations old entering my fifth decade.  There is some colorful pioneer history among my relatives in the State.  As well, there are interesting tales as far back as Colonial times from relatives who immigrated from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Poland.  Both my parents grew up in the shadows of Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen in neighboring towns, although they did not meet until enrolled at UC Berkeley.

Looking back, I am reminded my Dad was very much into photography as a hobby, but so was  Mom's father, who chronicled a vivacious child growing up.

                  This is a very Victorian picture he took in the 20's .  



   And one of many of Mom.


<<Mom's Mother (left) and her sister and brother.




  <<Mom with her mother and her father, lots of Scotts-Irish, English & Polish.


These are Dad's parents, she Irish, he German.  

    This is a picture Dad took of his father during  a college break.



Dad at ages 17, 22, 28 and at 30.


Mom's high school graduation picture.


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