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About My Photography!

Here is some Q&A about my photography.  Let me know of additional questions I might answer here.


What is my Photography about?  My photo work is a labor of love and presently focuses on the festive side of the larger burly gay male, on the one hand, and nature photography (macro work of orchids and other flowers, and landscapes).  I also have done model photography for some gay-oriented bear and big men magazines, event photography and personal photo shoots for individuals and couples.  I look at my work as a blend of aesthetics and politics through affirmation (and some titillation), but mostly I do what draws my attention.  I love light and composition and enjoy playing with these elements in both my floral and fauna work.

Am I a Professional Photographer?   I don't know for sure how to respond to that.  I have not had much formal training in photography per se, but I have had a fair amount of art training and many years of experience taking pictures from which I believe I have learned a lot.  I have been published and have had small exhibitions of both photography and graphic art work.  My Dad and my Mother's Dad were both photo hobbyists, so there was lots of exposure there.  I was always impressed with the slides my older sister took of sunsets in the Central Valley when we were growing up.

Are my Photos for Sale?  Yes, some images may be purchased in a variety of sizes and formats.  Also, I do formal and informal photo shoots.  Costs for these are highly individualized and are negotiable.  I periodically produce greeting cards of my orchid prints, and can do the same with my Bear Men photos.  If interested, let me know!

What About Your Photo Book?  Yes, I am working on a picture book of Bear Men -- which goes too slowly, but is progressing, and I am hopeful for something substantial by the end of this year.  It is intended to be a quality color coffee table-type book in both hardbound and softbound versions.  Pictures on my web pages well represent what I am planning with chapter breakdowns for themes such as festival, icons and relationships.  There appears to be some public interest in the project, but it is not certain just how much actual buying interest there would be.  Would you buy such a book?

What kind of Cameras do you use?  I have used a variety of cameras with a preference for Minolta SLR's.  I currently uses the Minolta 800si with either a Tamarron 28mm - 200mm zoom or a Sigma Macro lens.  I also have been exploring digital photography, and many of the more current event photos are a mix of both digital images and film produced images.  I currently have an Olympus 2500L, a digital SLR which I like.  I find strengths and weakness in both media, and enjoy exploring the distinctions.  I am hardly a purest and follow where my instincts lead me-- it is much more fun that way.  I do have a preference for Fuji film.

How do I Achieve the Results Appearing on My Web Pages?  I start with good tools -- cameras and digital imaging, my love for my subject matter and my fascination with light, composition and capturing mood.  There is magic in all of this for me.  For my best images, I make scans directly from film negatives (Nikon CoolScan).  I also have my film negatives transferred to CD ROM or will scan prints, as needed.  I start with very high resolution images, brighten and gamma adjust to my taste, resize down the image and sharpen it once more.  I keep the process simple, using Paint Shop Pro 6; I haven't had time to learn Photo Shop.  I use a Pentium III 450 Mgz PC with 128 MB Ram, a way cool SGI flat screen monitor and have a photo printer at my disposal.  I travel with a laptop.  If I could afford to replace everything with MAC, I would, but the PC clone is my legacy, and works fine for me.  When I go to events, I may take up to 1400 pictures in both digital and film formats.  That makes for lots of trial and error learning over the past 15 years, If I have achieved anything special, it is primarily due to just doing what I do over and over again.  When you process each of 1400 images, you learn a thing or two during those hours upon hours of work.  And I have MUCH more I want to learn. 

Mostly, I am having fun and get a kick out of sharing what I do to an appreciative audience.  What else would you like to know?

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